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:bulletred: Joining
- You have to be a fan of pairing Zuko x Song. You don't have to create anything connected with this couple, but submitting fanarts, photos, fanfiction and other forms of art are most welcome.

:bulletorange: Submitting
- The thing you want to submit has to be totally yours, that means you haven't steal it from anybody, you didn't color someone's lineart (unless you got author's permission) and so on. The picture or text musn't be hentai (I guess you know what this means), but can contain some sexy stuff or mild nudity, if it repect DA's rules.


:iconsongplz: How to join!

Watch the club or clic the button "Join our group"

:iconzukoplz: To Become An Affiliate

Leave a comment asking for affiliate with the club. We will add you to our affiliates! ^^

:iconloveorangeplz: How to submit artwork!

Clic the button which says "Submit art". It's easy!